Tangueros friends, Tangueras friends, let us host each other, the time of a festival, the time of a milonga, the time of a meeting! A community site to share our passion, to share moments before, during, after the milonga. And above all, to discover each other, again and again, in our own culture, in our way of living, but also in our way of dancing. The idea: Break geographical boundaries, discover new milongas through the hosts, open its doors to also welcome. Here, on this site, there is no exchange of money, there is no “I give you you give me back”, there is just a great possibility of exchange, on this beautiful soil that is the tango. Curious souls: do not abstain. Like a trip, the tango is and remains a real human adventure, around which are woven many visible and invisible links. To create a profile, find a host, select a milonga: TangoSurfing is positioned as a platform. To abuse without moderation! Not to mention that what matters is not the destination, but the journey. Dixit. Ici site en anglais